TTB Supplies - Paper Products

TTB Supplies are proud distributors for ESP Enigma paper products. Manufactured in Malvern, Worcestershire, we believe in working with local businesses and taking pride in what we supply.

CHSA is the Cleaning and Hygiene Standards Association, one of its fundamental aims is to raise standards in the cleaning industry.  Over the course of the last few years the soft tissue market practice of supplying unmarked packs of products (for the purpose of competing with brands in a very price competitive environment) has unfortunately allowed some suppliers to pass their products off as being more than they really are, for example, bulking up shorter length product to look the same as standard length products.

CHSA has taken the initiative to rid the marketplace of these products, and consequently this bad practice, with the introduction of the Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme. 

ESP are registered member of the soft tissue scheme and as a result all products they produce are fully labeled with accurate length, widths and sheet counts.  This provides our customers with a guarantee that the product meets the exact specification stated on the label.